Justine BA- Women Entrepreneurs #2

Justine is a young entrepreneur who founded RoomBâ. RoomBâ is a startup that creates a repertoire of public halls in towns and cities in France that people can privatize for events.

How did you start RoomBâ? What motivated you to become an entrepreneur?

I never thought of being an entrepreneur. I learned about these venues in town halls that are available but not exploited. I started to think that it is a very good opportunity and when I talked to people around me they validated. So I started in April 2019 and it has been one year now.

What does success mean to you?

Success is about how much you can influence people and society. For example for me currently, the definition of success is helping all the mayors in France to generate more revenue thanks to RoomBâ.

Did you attend any type of entrepreneurial training? 

Since I never considered becoming an entrepreneur, I did not get an education about it, in fact, I studied finance. However, the accelerator of French Tech was quite useful!

There are multiple reasons why a company fails such as product-market fit, running out of cash or problems within the team. Which one did you have the most difficulty with?

Finding an associate is difficult. I have right now 7 people who are freelancing for RoomBâ, however, I need a full-time person with technical expertise. Another difficulty is motivating people who are working for you, transmitting your passion for your work to your team is not an easy task.

In your opinion, what is the most difficult thing about being a woman entrepreneur? Did you personally have any problems because you were a woman?

Yes definitely! The entrepreneurial world is a very masculine environment, especially if you are working in tech. Men always try to impose their vision to you. You have these technical experts, who are mostly men, and they sometimes don’t listen to you. As a young woman entrepreneur, it is difficult to be taken seriously. They sometimes explain things slowly… For example, even going to a meeting alone and with a man is different! One time when I was at an investor meeting with one of the people in my team, the investor always addressed the guy in my team when we were talking. He was asking questions to this guy but not me about my own project!

How did you build credibility? How do you fight against “legitimacy doubt”?

First of all, I show them that I don’t doubt my vision of RoomBâ. Secondly, I do everything to make things work. I am not shy to talk to very different people in events. If I see someone at an event who can be interesting to talk to about my idea, I don’t hesitate to meet them. If it doesn’t work it is not a problem but I know that I try everything I can do. And actually, people like helping young and ambitious entrepreneurs.

Is there anything you would do differently, knowing what you know now?

I am not the same person right now. But I would not doubt myself and listen to anyone at the beginning!

What are the habits that helped your success in the past year?

My organization skills helped me a lot because I did not have a choice. You can not forget about your meeting or attend them unprepared! It is about your credibility and to be taken seriously I pay attention to this a lot. I work for my meetings and I take my work very seriously in general. Being an entrepreneur is really like being a project manager. You can have the best idea but if you are forgetting your meetings and not executing well people will stop believing in you.

Which woman inspires you? Why?

It is a funny question because when we think about entrepreneurs always guys come to mind like the founder of Doctolib or Blabla car… But there is one woman who inspires me a lot… Catherine Barba. She is very fresh and gentile but also very ambitious.

Can you recommend a resource, it can be a book/podcast/movie, to the women entrepreneurs who are going to read this interview?

Le Gratin, the podcast of Pauline Laigneau! I actually met a lot of entrepreneurs thanks to this podcast.

If you would send a message to all the women on earth who are trying to build their companies what would it be?

We are powerful!

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